About Farmer Adoption

20 Youngsters Adopt one Farmer

We will take the list of underpreviledged Farmers all over the Tamil Nadu. We will form as a Organisation, We will select 20 members for one Farmer.

Each Group Consists of 10 Male & 10 Female

No need to give money alone , be a good guide and better Guardian. Its time to take care of our Nature Childrens, Visit them as a group Participate their good and Bad times

Implement Govt Schemes

There are lot of state and central govt scemes available for farmers, educate them try to help them to avail all those schemes. Help them to get loans in the bank, If you are not able to give them finacial support atleast give them moral support.

Treat as your Children

Agriculture is our Back bone of our Nation, This is the right time to strenghthen our Back Bone. Hereafter not even one farmer commit suicide. If you are support this , please join


Youngsters Strength
To Avoid Farmer Suicide
To Use Technology in Agriculture
To make as profitable Farming
To encourage Organic Foods
To Improve Farmers Lifestyle
To know the importance of farming to the world
Be the example for all over India

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